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All Terms & Conditions

The user acknowledges and accepts that this website “askanexpert” is an integrated web based online service platform that allows its users to gain knowledge, information and allows its users to ask questions and queries and to avail different services & products directly/indirectly from the Company as well as from its various vendors ,agencies ,professionals ,associates ,freelancers, individuals, companies etc. The user agrees and gives consent to the following terms and conditions, information and services unconditionally. By accessing and using “askanexpert.in”, the user accepts and agrees to be bound by the terms and provision of the User Agreement. If the user does not agree to any of the terms and conditions of use he is highly recommended not to use this website and exit out.

  • The user is offered to use and access the website upon the condition of acceptance of all the terms, conditions, recommendations and restrictions contained in the Terms of Use, privacy policy and disclaimer, along with any amendments, modifications and alterations made by the Company at its sole discretion and posted on the website. By using this Platform and its subsidiary links or any Platform Services in any way or merely browsing the website, the user agrees that he/she has read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms of Use available at website & mobile app.

  • The user will not hide his/her true identity and will provide and submit only genuine, relevant, true and fair details and information to the website. If the website and company suspects or finds any incorrect information by the user the company will have the rights to terminate the account and services on immediate basis and the user will have no right to claim any loss or damage out of such occurrence. The user will be responsible for all the consequences if the website and the company suffers or incurs any loss or damage.

  • The user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account information created and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under users Account. User agrees to immediately notify the Company of any such unauthorized use of his/her Account information or any other breach of security, and ensure that he/she exits from Account at the end of each session. The Company cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from user failure to comply with this provision. The user may be held liable for losses incurred by the Company or any other user or visitor to the website due to authorized or unauthorized use of users Account as a result of failure in keeping users Account information secure and confidential by the user.

  • The user will ensure anti virus installation and other required firewalls and softwares in his/her device and in case if attack of virus or hacking took place the website and the company will have no liability and obligation for any loss or damage.

  • The user has attained at least 18 (eighteen) years of age and he/she is competent to enter into a consent, contract and agreement under the applicable laws. In case if a minor uses the website and avails any service and incurs any loss and damage the user ,parents , guardian and family members will have no right to claim or sue for damage either to the website nor to the vendors and associates.

  • The users agrees and acknowledges that the price, fees & charges indicated on the website for the Services will be as determined, changed and modified by the Company or respective Vendors and associates, as the case may be from time to time, and is excluding taxes and other applicable charges as mentioned on the website.

  • The user can submit an ask questions and queries by visiting to the website. The user agrees and gives consent that the answers and suggestions to the submitted questions will be studied, analyzed & provided by the associates and experts to whom it is allocated and such advice and suggestion to the user are opinion based and has no legal binding on the website platform as well as to the vendors, associates, individuals and professionals. Such opinion based answers and suggestions cannot guarantee to meet the satisfaction to all the users. The website does not claims and guarantees that all the associates have same level of expertise, experience, knowledge and qualification and their advice, suggestions and services may differ and may not always be correct, genuine or relevant to the query and concern and hence has no legal binding on the website and to the company. It is the sole responsibility of the user to cross check , verify and take the decision on its own. However if the user complains to us about any of the associates misconduct and misdoings the website and company may take necessary steps to abide him from doing so and may even terminate him/her.

  • That the website is based on the integration of different services and products from different industry and sectors. The answers, advices, suggestions and services are based on the knowledge, experience and expertise of the associate and vendor and the website has no say or control on the same. The website and company also cannot guarantee the standard and quality of the product, service and raw materials used by the vendor and associates and it is highly recommended to the user to verify and check the standard, quality, originality and genuineness of the rendered product and services. However if the user complains about any of the deficiency in service and commitment the company may take action depending of the case and matter.

  • The website job is to make the user talk, share, meet, arrange, manage & coordinate with the right expert and professionals at best to its capabilities and limitation for users concerns and required services. Once the user and the vendor choose & fixes the deal between them the website and the company will have no liability. The user opts and chooses the services from different available associates recommended by the website as per the requirement of the user at its own after satisfying his/her knowing all all the risk, loss and damage may cause due to this.

  • The user can submit, interact and share their concerns and contents with, website, vendors, associates etc. If the user consults to any of our associates and vendors directly and does not inform to the website and company in such case the website and company will have no role to play and the user has no right to claim any loss or damage from the website, brand and the company. If any deal happens without company knowledge in between the user and any of our associate by using our website and its services and later the website and company comes to know about such deal the user is mandate to pay on demand for the services availed by using the website medium. The company is not liable to compensate any loss or damage to user in such instance.

  • The website and the company does not claims any guarantees and surety of exactness and correctness with regard to quality, duration, timely commitment for completion of work, and level of satisfaction from Services provided by its Vendor, associates their employees and sub-associates respectively. The website makes no claim, representation and guarantees that the suggestions & services provided by its Vendor are always appropriate or safe to use and to rely always. Users agree that the Services offered herein include certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid any kind of losses and damages to the users. The user hereby assert that his/her participation is voluntary and that he/she knowingly assume all such risks and hence hereby release website, company, employees, Vendor and the associates and keeps free from all liability arising out of such aforementioned risks.

  • The user is legally bind to pay and clear the dues if he avails any of the service and the payment is due/outstanding on him either by the website company or the associates and agencies.

  • The user is recommended not to use and pay in cash to any of the vendors, associates, and their employees. The user will have no right to claim and complain to the website and company.

  • If the associates & Vendors ,sub associates and employees runs and offers directly to users any offers or discounts either before or subsequent to his/her purchase, “askanexpert.in”, and the company is not obliged and bound to complete and fulfill the benefits under such offers and schemes . Such offers, schemes, discounts, favors and commitment to deliver quality level of service is directly committed to the user by the vendor and associate on their personal communication and meetings and the company has no control and hence will have no legal binding on the website and the company and the user will have no right to claim and complain for any loss or damage and dissatisfaction. The user also agrees that any promise & commitment made by the vendors, associates, and employees will have no consequences and boundation on the website and company to fulfill such promise and commitment and the user will not claim any compensation for that.

  • The user shall not create, generate and operate more than one active Account of the website. The user is prohibited to trade or transfer the Account to another party or impersonating any other person for the purpose of creating an account with the website.

  • The user may choose any or multiple category of services available on the website for the time in force by agreeing to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and terms of use. The website reserves the right to alter, add, delete, modify, suspend, postpone any or part of the service categories without any notice and notification to its users.

  • The users knows and acknowledges that the website and the company has tie ups, collaborations , understandings, MOUs, agreements with several individual professionals, specialists ,companies, free lancers ,agencies , service providers across India and its territories. The website and the company has set standard procedure to verify the correctness and identification of the associate and vendors but however the company and the website cannot guarantee the correctness of all. There is probability that the website and company may also be kept unknown about the identification and profile by the associate and vendors. The user agrees and gives consent that in such event the website and company will have no legal obligation and liability and the user undertakes and gives consent to keep the website, company, employees and owners and directors free and immune from any legal consequences. Hence we recommend the user to make sure the identification and correctness of profile at own level also before you enter into any deal with them and make any payment. It is recommended to the user to keep the website and company informed about such deal and to immediately escalate and file complain firstly to the website and company on occurrence of any fraud, misrepresentation, suppression or impersonation by any of the associate and vendors. If the complain is found true the company will may take appropriate action against the associate/vendor and will help and join the user at its best.

  • The Company retains an unconditional right to modify or amend this Terms of Use without any requirement to notify user of the same. It shall be users and account holder responsibility to check this Terms of Use periodically for changes. User continued use of the Platform following the posting of changes to this Terms of Use on the Platform, will constitute users consent and acceptance of those changes.

  • In case of any dissatisfaction with the website Services, user shall first file a formal complaint with the website or customer service of the Company, prior to pursuing any other recourse. The complaints can be lodged at ____@_________, and upon lodging a complaint user agree to provide complete support to the customer service team with reasonable information without hiding and suppressing any of the incident, detail and information. The decision of the Company on the complaints shall be final and user agrees to be bound by the same.

  • In case of any dispute the company may invoke the arbitration at place decided by the company and the user gives his/her unconditional consent to proceed the arbitration at first. The user also agrees to bear the cost of arbitration proceedings as per the arbitration act.

  • The payments in respect of the services availed by the user to be paid directly to the website through the payment gateways with whom the company is having the tie ups and the user agrees, acknowledges and gives consent to the website and company to use third party vendors and payment gateways to process and mange the transaction payment and card information. The third party vendor payment gateways may charge the user for the services and the user gives consent to bear and pay such charges. In case if due to any technical issue, slow internet speed, power disruption, timeout etc the transaction gets interrupted or stopped in between the process the website and company will not be liable for any payments which do not complete and received. Such failed transaction will be settled as per the terms and conditions of the third party vendor payment gateways.

  • The website and the company will not be responsible and liable for any loss and damage cause to the user in case of any unauthorized use of card and other details by using Internet banking, paytm etc by any other person. In such case the company will not be responsible and liable to refund and compensate such loss and damage and the user undertakes, agrees and gives consent not to claim any refund due to this.

  • The user agrees and gives consent that once the payment is processed or completed the amount will not be refunded. The user cannot claim that he/she has mistakenly, unknowingly and unwillingly made the payment and hence wants refund. The website and the company reserve the right to scrutinize, analyze and verify about such instance and may take necessary steps to refund depending upon capabilities and limitations.

  • The user agrees and gives consent that in case the website and the company does not find any suitable answer and solution and the service is not rendered due to certain reasons and limitations beyond the knowledge & control of the company in such instance the company will refund the amount within 15 working days without any interest and penalty. The company is not liable to refund the payment in case the customer claims that he is not satisfied with quality of the answers and services rendered to him by the company, vendors, associates, agencies etc.

  • The website and the Company has attempted its best effort to ensure that all the information provided on the website is correct, but the Company does not claims, guarantees and makes any representations regarding the correctness, quality, accuracy of any details & information about the vendors, associates and their Services.