What you cannot see, feel, sense, hear, analyze and identify with your open eyes and ears then forensic science experience comes into great help and plays vital role. In the modern technical and complex world things have become easy and accessible but on the other hand it also has made things more complex and vulnerable. Forensic helps to identify complex fraud and forgery crimes and it helps to find and identify the links in a scientific way to resolve the problem and cases.

India is still way behind to use and execute the forensic in a professional way. However with the recent government announcements and initiatives Forensic Science services is going to be the next big thing in India. This field still requires lots of people to work and explore new and traditional scientific approach to help and resolve the problems and cases. With the ongoing use of more and more digital and computers more complex and tedious problems we have to face and to handle such situations Forensic is essentially required to counter them.

Where can Forensic Science Services Help?